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Privacy Policy

We would sincerely like to thank you for your interest in taking part in genuine market research. We would like to share with you more about our policies on privacy, which we review on a regular basis and update on this page as necessary.

Effective 1st April 2018.

This website ("Site") and services ("Service") is owned and maintained by BITI Education Pvt. Ltd., India (referred to hereafter as “BITI”).

This privacy policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.

This policy explains what information BITI collects about Applicant and how we use this information.

The BITI Student program is operated as a survey panel for individuals who voluntarily register on the Site ("Applicant"). The Member can participate at offered surveys connected to the service and operated by BITI or third parties. Under certain conditions Applicant may be rewarded in money ("Rewards") for participating in certain activities such as completing surveys.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

BITI only collects and stores such information that is

- mandatory Member information during the registration process (email address, password, nickname, year of birth, gender, postcode, education level and occupation status) or
- information given voluntarily by you in response to specific information requests in your Member profile (Further profiling).

BITI only collects information that is necessary for us to perform our business and provide the Service to you.

We will not share your personal information (name, nickname, address, email address, or phone number(s)) with any third party except as set forth in this privacy policy or unless you have given us your explicit prior consent. When you register with BITI, you confirm that you maintain a valid PayPal account and that we forward such information to PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg or other PayPal companies that we need for the payment of your Rewards.

You explicitly agree that we may share personal information through an identification number including e.g. year of birth, postal code, gender, education level and occupation status, as well as other personal information with other market research companies for the purpose of identifying third party survey opportunities that you may be eligible for.
If you are eligible for a survey opportunity, the third party market research company will provide an identification number and a survey link to us and we will invite you to participate in the survey. If you have any questions about this data sharing please contact our support using our contact form.

We may host information request forms on behalf of our clients. These forms will clearly identify the identity and contact details of the organization collecting the information, and the information you provide will be managed according to the privacy policy of that third party. In the event that you complete a web form hosted by us, we will only disclose the specific information provided by you to that specific third party.

With the exceptions listed above, we WILL NOT disclose your information to any third party without your permission unless such action is necessary to:

a. Fulfill our obligations from the contract and provide the Service to you;
b. Conform to legal requirements or comply with a legal procedure;
c. Enforce the BITI Terms and Conditions in an orderly manner;

We may access your account, including its contents, under the circumstances stated above or for the purpose of responding to Service inquiries or resolving technical problems.

2. Use of other Information

a. BITI may create general aggregate data (such as age groups, interest profiles, geographic regions and other non-identifying information) about our Applicant and make it available to existing and potential advertisers, business partners and investors. This aggregate data never contains specific identifiable information about any individual user.

b. IP Address - The BITI servers automatically record the first block of your IP address, your browser type and operating system when you access our site. We may use this information to help diagnose problems with our server, administer our web site and compile aggregate user information for our advertisers.

c. Cookies - BITI uses Cookies to personalize your experience and identify you when you are logged in to our site and/or participate in our surveys or any other survey of our partner companies. We may also use cookies so you can participate in surveys regarding specific ads and promotions you view while browsing the web. To facilitate the completion of these surveys, certain third party research firms may write, set, or read cookies, locally shared/stored objects, flash cookies, and/or any other related technology. If you participate, you may be re-contacted about the online ad or promotion and the market research firm will use the third party technology to determine whether you have seen, clicked on, or otherwise interacted with the online ad or promotion. If you have interacted with the online ad or promotion, the market research firm or their partners will provide you with the opportunity to complete the survey through BITI. If you do not wish to participate in this program, you are able to unsubscribe from the BITI website and Third Party Technologies will not be set in your browser.

If you do not want us to use cookies then you can easily stop them, or be notified when they are being used, by configuring your browser. If you do not allow cookies to be used some of our website might not work for you.
Below please find a list of the cookies set or deployed by BITI and/or any third party research firms in connection with the Services. For the cookies with an opt-out mechanism, you can opt-out by clicking on the link provided below. For certain cookies no opt-out mechanism is provided.

3. Data Security

Information collected by BITI is stored in accordance with our site security policy and we take reasonable steps to ensure that Member information is secure from unauthorized access, interference and loss, modification or disclosure. If BITI no longer requires a specific information, we will take reasonable steps to destroy such information.

4. Access & Correction

Information collected by BITI can be accessed and updated by the Member by using the facility provided on the Site (you will be required to log in first). Furthermore you can contact BITI Support anytime and ask for any stored information concerning you. You can easily request deletion of your information by opting-out as described below.

5. Linked Sites

The BITI Site, the survey invitations we send you, and if applicable, the email promotions we send you may provide links to our partner and advertiser web sites. If you link to any of these Third Party sites this policy will not apply to your use of those sites.

6. Frequency of email communications

All email communications that result from your BITI Education Service will be sent directly from us and will prominently feature the BITI logo and our contact details. Except PayPal, none of our partner companies will contact you. After completing a given survey, you may experience a gap of some number of days before another survey invitation is offered. While every attempt is made to send each Member survey invitations frequently, due to various factors, a given Member may not receive as many invitations to participate in surveys as they would like. Note that BITI is under no obligation to offer any specific or minimum number of survey invitations whatsoever.

7. Opting out

As a condition of Education Service, you must provide a valid email address and agree to accept survey invitations from us.

If you do not wish to receive survey invitations from us, you must terminate your Education Service using the facility provided in the profile. A link to an opt-out facility is also provided at the bottom of every survey invitation we send you (you will be required to log in first). By following this link you may terminate your Education Service.

In the event that you opt-out it may take up to 72 hours for your opt-out request to take effect. You will not receive any further email promotions from us after that time.

Your account will become inactive for and permanently deleted after seven days except from such data that has to be archived for legal reasons. After that, all personally identifiable information will be destroyed. This also affects any outstanding or undelivered rewards due. If you want to reverse your Education Service termination within these seven days, please contact our support.

8. Changes to this policy

BITI reserves the right to update this policy from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain services, email notification of privacy policy changes). We will also keep prior versions of this Privacy Policy in an archive for your review.  If you do not agree with this privacy policy in completely or in part, or if you do not agree with changes made to this policy, you must not become a Student or terminate your account.


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